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Bradley Cooper in the wild; the 'my internet provider sucks' edition

I was sitting on my couch this evening, cursing my internet yet again, when I suddenly noticed a vaguely familiar face on my tv screen.  With a bad hairdo, a dorky cap and matching dorky laugh, Bradley Cooper was talking up kayaking an Alaskan waterway on the ever amusing Globe Trekker.  I don't have cable, haven't in a while, and I've become a fan of public television.  Public anything really because it's nice and cheap (read: free, usually).  It took me a while to recognize it was the hot guy from The Hangover.  I know people get their starts on almost anything they can television wise (I once saw a kid from my high school re-enacting a perilous ordeal on some Discover channel survivor show), but it was pretty funny seeing Bradley ask a baby grizzly to share the salmon it caught with him.  Good thing for Bradley he went on to bigger things.  One of the other presenters ended up in something called Hotel Erotica: Up All Night for which I could really only find a bare bones IMDB page and a genre tellingly listed as 'Adult'.  Funny the things you find on public tv when you aren't even really watching.

Of course the suckage that is my internet connection isn't helping.  I have a local small wireless company.  I decided a long time ago that Comcast is the devil; like high fructose corn syrup and annoying people in Hummers who cut me off on my bike.  So I chucked the service (and the high fructose corn syrup; no luck with the hummers yet) and switched to a local company which felt nice because it was local start up.  Which is more like Dante's purgatory then the all out devil.  I will let said company remain nameless as it may just be me who has issues and no one else.  It could happen I suppose.  The connection is about as reliable as cell phone service through South Dakota.  Generally spotty and when usable, about as quick as me on a hot hot summer day.  Thus I have decided to chuck it as well.  Especially since I can barely get web pages to load and forget downloading a podcast.  It especially sucks since I 'm trying to look up info on the USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals in Bend, Oregon.  Even though it's in December, I need to plan for it now because there are bound to be a shortage of hotel rooms in town.  That and I'm tired of copying what I write in a post or a comment in case my service suddenly drops when I'm trying to post/comment.  Stupid ISP.  :p 

On another note completely not related at all, I've joined the ficfinishing  comm to finish up Chapter 2 of my fic Ghost in the Machine.  I've got quite a bit of it written so far and a good deal of fic outlined, but I need a little extra push to get the next chapter done and done well.  I want it to have a good polished finish for everyone who's following it.  I've found myself writing little scenes here and there as they suddenly pop into my head which hasn't really happened in a while.  I'm excited to get this story written up.  Oh the excitement!!!  And the exclamation points!!!


Sorry about the internets! I have an old, slower computer since mine died and I hear you. At least the internet is okay but the computer itself is sloooow.

And yay, for more fic! Let me know if you need more cheerleading!
It totally blows really. I've been forced to use the library and work just to respond to anything. That post took me an hour and a half just to write it, get some links, and post it. Then I had to edit it after my computer got ahead of me (I hit one too many enter keys) so tags and stuff weren't correct. I'm getting new internet this week I hope. Pain in the rear I tell you what.

And I can definitely use more cheerleading! It's so nice to have some! I have a rough draft almost done which is easier since I don't need internet to do it. *sigh* you will probably end up seeing it soon. As well as a longer outline because I had THE epiphany the other night as to how I think it's going to end. woot!