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made by poptartmuse

cerebel_fics Porn Battle Fanfic: Kisses, NC-17

Title: Kisses
Rating: NC-17; its porn folks.  Smutty, hot porn.
Characters, Pairings: Tyrol/Boomer
Spoilers: Thru Exodus Pt 2
Warnings: None except the porn.  Did I mention the porn?
Beta: no one else looked at this folks.  All errors are my own.
Feedback: is love like porn!
Disclaimer: RDM created, made, etc.  He's the man.  I'm really not.
Author's notes: written for the cerebel_fics porn battle.  Original post is here.
Prompts: Tyrol/Boomer, bittersweet, reunion, nostalgia, copies
Summary: He thinks about it sometimes, when he sees one of her innumerable frakking copies pass.

He thinks about it sometimes, when he sees one of her innumerable frakking copies pass.  What if he runs into her.  He wonders if he would know her.  They all look exactly the same, mirror upon mirror of each other extending in an eternal loop.  Galen has to close his eyes and breathe slowly so as not to be dizzy.  When he opens them he sees two of them walking across the empty pyramid court with their heads bent together and a toaster guard at their backs.  He spits on the ground at his feet, tosses a dirty glare at the Cylons, and turns toward home. 

He knows its her as soon as he lifts the tent flap.  Cally, thank the Gods, is out at the market with the baby.  She looks at him for a moment, startled her almond shaped eyes becoming weirdly round, before making an odd throat clearing noise.  Its odd to him that she can still look so human without a glint of wiring pressing through her skin, which only makes him wonder how deep you have to go before you find any.

"Chief," she finally says in a strangled voice.  "You, uh, look good."  He only stares at her, knows he's doing it on purpose - doesn't care - marveling at the sweetness of how she squirms after a moment too long.  She turns suddenly, sharply away from him.

"I only came to talk.  To see - to see how were doing."  The tent is full of bits and pieces of life - toys, his dirty socks, one of Cally's shirts.  Boomer, his Boomer, wanders around the tiny space reaching out a hand to nearly touch here and there.  Every time she hesitates. 

"I'm fine."  Now its his turn to clear his throat.  "You can see we're doing just fine."  She ignores the emphasis finally picking up a small booty from off a couple of crates doubling as a dresser. 

"Remember when we used to frak in that storage closet and afterward we'd talk about getting out of the Fleet.  Maybe having some fat little babies."  She turns vicious on him right when he's about to ask if she can actually be programmed for nostalgia.  "Like the fat little baby you have now.  With the bitch who killed me."  He lunges at her, pushes her up against a tent post with a thrilling thud of her body and a whoosh of breath.

"Is that what you came for?" he snarls at her.  "A happy little reunion so we can talk about the good old times?"  Her mouth curls back into a hard sneer, challenging him. 

"What Galen?" She drawls his name in a sing song mocking tone.  "Miss me?  I know you think about me," she bites out through clenched teeth.  "You think about me when you frak that stupid cow of yours, when you come you want to call my name.  You ever talk to her about me?  Do you?  Of course you don't!  But you think about me when you're deep inside her."  She's screaming into his face, but he only notices how she's pressed between him and the post.  "You sick mother-frakker!"  They stand stunned, unsure what to do next.

"Kiss me," he says finally, voice deep and husky.  "Do it," he urges when she doesn't comply immediately.  He presses into her watching her eyes register what he wants - desire and anger skittering through. 

"Make me," she hisses at him.  The hardness of his cock burns through the layers between them.

"Kiss me," he whispers into her ear.  Instead her hands float to his pants deft as ever with buttons and zipper.  He moans into her hair as she wraps her hand around him and gives a light squeeze before smoothing up and down his cock, thumb rolling across the tip.

"Make.  Me."  She grinds her hips against him, rolling like a wave.  "Make.  Me."  She draws out the words rubbing her hand down his length and then back up again in slow time.

He shoves her jacket off her shoulders, around her elbows, pinning her arms.  His hands fumble at the hem of her shirt and he gently scrapes her belly with his nails as he drags the fabric up.  She's bra-less beneath and nipples pucker, tight in the chill New Caprican air.  The smell of her hair, her skin, is the same as he remembers.  Now he scrapes teeth across the flesh of her exposed neck, feeling her shiver beneath him.  He whispers hotly in her ear "You feel human.  Smell human.  How do you taste?"

Dipping his head he takes her nipple into his mouth and suckles her hard, a surprised grunt emitting from her.  She grips the post tightly, tendons in her hands beginning to ache.  Galen is already working on her pants even as he switches breasts.  Pants loosened he slides his hands inside around the smooth firmness of her ass.  He nudges her legs apart with a knee before moving one hand around to the front and dipping two fingers into her. 

"Well that feels familiar," he says, freeing her nipple. 

She's holding on for dear life, eyes shut tight.  She feels the sting of the bite as he sinks teeth into her belly, but doesn't register what he's doing until its too late.  Her ass clenches as the cold air hits skin then his tongue is between her thighs and her eyes pop open.  'Cinnamon,' he thinks.  'Still like cinnamon.'  The bittersweet tang is harsh and sweet on his tongue as he swirls it again for a deeper taste. 

She can't breathe or move as she feels him slowly exploring her opening and clit and back again.  Instead she stares dumbly at the canvas wall trying not to crack open like an egg.  Two large, callused fingers enter her and she comes hard, all of her muscles snapping and twanging, her head flinging back and smacking against the post.  He holds her up dragging her pants and underwear off her ankles, pressing her against the post he pushes inside her riding through the remnants of her orgasm. 

"Oh Gods.  Oh Sharon," he breathes and she's embarrassed by the painful mix of emotions in his voice.  He's close now.  She recognizes it instinctively which makes the edge of her mouth curl involuntarily as she thinks about how funny that really is. 

"I'm a cylon Galen."  With a sudden sharp gasp he jerks into her, coming until there's nothing left and he can only see stars. 

He doesn't know how long he stays like that, his body and brain going numb.  Finally forcing his body to move he slowly pulls away from her.  Without looking her in the face he turns away maneuvering himself back into his pants.  He can hear her behind him pulling her clothes back into place.  She comes around to stand in front of him. 

She opens her mouth a few times trying to find something, anything to say, but of course there's nothing.  He raises his eyebrows at her, questioning.  With a sigh she turns to leave.  She stops suddenly at the door and turns to look at him, a frown on her face.  In a few quick strides she's standing in front of him again and pressing her lips hard against his until she feels him respond.  Pulling back she gives him a brief smile before turning on her heel and walking out.


Yay, you're back! And with a bang! And I mean that in all ways. :-)

I don't even find Chief/Boomer hot usually. But I do here. Something about it all, their past history, the looks he has nowadays like he'd do just anything and the post . . . wow.

"I'm a cylon Galen." With a sudden sharp gasp he jerks into her, coming until there's nothing left and he can only see stars.
Thing is, he's a Cylon now too. Makes me wonder where it will all go. He might be seeing more than stars, you know?

I love porn battles!
Hey! Thanks! This is my very first piece of porn and I'm so happy you liked it!

I've never really found them hot either, but I was thinking about the same thing, that Tyrol seems like he might do just about anything, and it just sort of came together. Now that he knows he's a cylon - how much more porn will he make? Sort of like a woodchuck I guess. sorry. that was a truly bad, lame joke. anyway. Thanks for hanging in there!
OMG I love you for Boomer/Tyrol and especially for using some of my prompts! Well done. This is how they just aren't ever written but how they really are. Like the raw feelings that should be so evident but aren't ever put on screen. :)
Big apologies for the late reply! I was so busy in August I barely managed to sleep!

Thank you for the lovely feedback and I'm glad you liked what I did with your prompts. I usually don't write anything with either character, but the prompt just sort of struck me. These two have a history. There was love there once, lust and love and everything that comes with it. Its always difficult when something you think is going to last a lifetime ends in a painful ball of fire. Glad you enjoyed it! And again, sorry for the lateness!


That was awesome! And hot! A lot of porn there's some discomfort because you can tell the person writing it is uncomfortable, but you really command it and it's not at all squeamish.