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Jun. 11th, 2008

made by Starpollo

No, I'm not dead. Just working on Can't Stop the Serenity.

I'm sure many of you have wondered where the hell I've been.  I know I've been looking myself.  Its 1.5 weeks 'till event day is here and Can't Stop the Serenity here in rainy Portland of Oregon is going strong.  I've been busy coordinating volunteers for the PDX Browncoats and putting together a two day event.  This year we are screening Serenity 3 whole times!  And we have some special guests: Amanda Sullivan from Equality Now, Scott Allie (Joss Whedon's editor at Portland local Dark Horse Comics), and Sierra Hahn (also of Dark Horse and the assistant editor on Buffy Season 8 comics).  There will be a costume party Saturday night and a cocktail party Friday night.  Once its all over, I promise I will get back to writing and posting.  My story The Last Time has been on pause for so long I'm sure its driving someone out there very crazy.  I apologize to everyone out there.  Life is really just too crazy right now.  Although after next weekend I might actually get some sleep again.  Here's hoping.  If you are in the Oregon area and want to come to the event, you can find purchase tickets here.  More information on the Portland CSTS event can be found here and you can listen to our podcast here.  Check out the PDX Browncoats and our forum.

I hope everyone is doing well.  I have a lot of catching up to do and I'm sure you'll start seeing me around more often again.  Especially my hit and run posts on frak_spoilers.  *sigh*  Keep on keepin' on folks and I'll post at ya again soon.
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Mar. 19th, 2008

made by poptartmuse

Things that are good

10. Have a Can't Stop the Serenity meeting tonight.  Excited.
9. Paid off my first speeding ticket ever and they even dropped the fee some.
8. Had a pepperoni stromboli for lunch.  Ate the whole thing.  After paying my ticket.
7. Its not raining even though weather people said it would.  All week.
6. Firmed up Dragon Con plans a lot more with traveling companion.
5. Work is almost over.
4. Have a husband who is totally encouraging me with everything I'm doing right now.  Even the scary job hunt thing.
3. I'm going to frakking Dragon Con!
2. Got my BSG Season 3 today!
1. My Godson Will arrived yesterday.  He's already the cutest baby ever.

Mar. 17th, 2008

by for_the_genuine

Babbling bits of nothing and an update

I've been busy the last few weeks and it shows.  I've hit and run commented, mostly on frak_spoilers, but haven't gotten much of substance done on my own.  I have started working on making my fic, The Last Time, into a feature length, well, something anyway.  I've begun a draft of the next chapter and I've got a ton of notes and a bit of an outline so I can keep my thoughts straight on it.  Its going slower than I'd like.  Unfortunately I've gotten pretty busy.  Mostly I've come to the realization that I need a new job, pretty badly really.  Lately all I want to do while I'm at work is not work.  The bad mood of myself and most of my co-workers is getting really difficult to handle.  So resume polishing is on my long list of to dos. 

Not to mention I'm helping organize the Can't Stop the Serenity screening here in Portland which happens in June.  Its been a bright spot since I love doing it so much.  Of course it also adds to the work load.  Oh well.  Maybe it will allow my mind to finally come up with some sort of ending for what I'm attempting to write.  We'll see. 

On the brighter side of life - my sister is getting married next summer!  And I get to perform the ceremony!  I actually went online and got ordained just so I could do it.  I'm so excited and happy for her!  Its going to be a nice little backyard affair with lots of food.  Who doesn't love food? 

A friend of mine and I are going to Dragon Con this year.  It will be our first time - ever! - so if anyone else is going, drop me a line.  It would be cool to meet up with peeps in ATL.  Yes, that was my attempt at slang.  I know its a failing, but I promise to practice muy lots.  And if anyone is interested in sharing a room, I might need some roomies!

I've also decided to give Buffy the Vampire Slayer a try.  I had actually never seen an episode until Orycon this past year.  And it was the musical episode so I was very, very lost.  I just figured I'd somehow missed Joss' Westside Story phase or something.  I borrowed the first two seasons from dinabugg and I have really enjoyed them.  The last few episodes of S2 were killer.  The funny thing - my husband loves Buffy.  A lot.  We ran out of Season 2 in less than two weeks.  We'd come home and he'd say "Watch Buffy?" (like an adorable 5-year-old who is way not 5 anymore).  He wants to watch S3 really badly.  Considering I practically had to force him to watch Firefly three years ago, its pretty amusing.  Well, to me anyway.  You probably had to see him to believe it.

Feb. 17th, 2008

By starpollo

Fanfic: The Last Time (PG)

Title: The Last Time (PG)
Author: shinyfab
Thru Exodus Pt 2.  Totally AU.
Word Count:
Written For:
latteaddict in the klficathon
Story Request 1: Kara offers Lee her most prized possession (physical or metaphysical) and he rejects it. Angst. (can slot in to canon or S4 spec or au)
Story Request 2: There's a celebration on Galactica and Kara wears her blue dress from Colonial Day. Lee notices. (wishes hard for smut or at the least pilot out-making, and a tiny dollop of angst)
Author's notes: I chose to go with request 1.  Hope you enjoy it!
Beta'd by:
the amazingly fabulous (& shiny) millari
Don't own any of the characters.  Just enjoy moving them around and watching them step on each other's feet.
Kara Thrace retreated to a dark corner of the ship, like a dog with its tail between its legs.

Jan. 26th, 2008

made by Starpollo

(no subject)

So I saw the 'What Battlestar Character are you?' quiz on millari's page and I totally had to try it out. As I was going through it, I totally thought I would end up being Sharon. Just sort of got that feeling what with the whole staying faithful to my partner question. And then I ended up being Kara Thrace. Which made me sort of giggle, think 'Hey!' kind of indignant like, and excited that I ended up as one of my fave characters. Still not sure if I should take this as any sort of sign . . . Edit: I went back to try it again, changing two of my answers. Only two, as I was debating between two answers the first time round anyway: how I would spend my time off-duty and pick the choice that best describes you. Totally thought this time I would be Athena. I ended up being the Admiral. Which of course leaves the door open for all sorts of 'Hey Admiral, ever died before?' questions.

Jan. 1st, 2008

made by Starpollo

The obligatory New Year post

Every new year there's a rush to make some sort of resolution or make some sort of big shiny hopeful prediction about the year to come.  I have to admit I get caught up in it a little myself.  As I get older, I've found the years passing me by quicker than I realize.  Things move so much faster these days.  Although I love writing, enjoy the quickness (and sometimes impersonal nature) of e-mail, meeting up with people online I could never meet in my hometown - we've gotten so disconnected from everyone and so busy with everything else I miss too much.  The distraction, the noise, of life itself has gotten to the point I look at every new year as though it came out of nowhere.  The last time I was truly still was August.  Somewhere my mind is stuck in August.  I could really use a moment for my brain to catch up.  I've made goals for the coming year, of course.  Maybe they'll happen, maybe they won't.  We'll see. 

Dec. 20th, 2007

made by Starpollo

BSG Hiatusthon fic - Probably Something I Ate

Title: Probably Something I Ate
Author: shinyfab
Rating: PG
Characters, pairings: Gaius Baltar, head!Six(es)
Word count: 1,951
Spoilers: through Season 2
Warnings: none
Beta: millari - she has put up with all of my late fic gettin which is so brilliant.
Feedback: Always love!
Disclaimer: In the big bad world, I'm but a lowly circus performer trying to find my circus, writing random fics along the way with characters which aren't mine.
Author's notes: Written for the bsg_hiatusthon.
Prompt: #36 - Baltar, fatherhood
Summary: Maybe, when this fictional child is born and she wants to know how mummy and daddy met, I can tell her that too!

Dec. 13th, 2007

care of the_justiner

Fanfic: Humanitarian

Title: Humanitarian
Author: shinyfab
Rating: PG-13
Pairings, Characters: Saul Tigh/Ellen Tigh, Sam Anders, Galen Tyrol
Word Count: breezy 1,343
Spoilers: through Crossroads 2
Warnings: None
Beta: millari- a zillion thanks to her as always.
Feedback: Always love feedback
Disclaimer: RDM owns it all.  If it were mine I'd rule the world.  Mwah ha.  Oh well.
Author's Notes: Written for the bsg_hiatusthon
Prompt: Saul Tigh being the cylon who killed Ellen - at the urging of another cylon.

Nov. 26th, 2007

made by Starpollo

Comic Endeavor

I started fiddling around with stick figures in my spare time.  To humor me, they ended up doing things for me as well as doing some amusing stuff to keep me from accidentally drawing one over a cliff.  This is the first one I drew.


Oct. 17th, 2007

made by Starpollo

The end of a Bionic Woman

I have to let out my terrible disappointment at the new Bionic Woman.  I'm an avid fan (if you couldn't tell) of Battlestar Galactica.  With some of the same producers from BSG, as well as some of the superb cast, I was very excited about the updated version.  Hopeful you might say.  I was less than impressed by the pilot, but I have to give a show a little more than just the pilot.  They're oftentimes rough yet mostly finished sketches of a show.  Sadly, its been 4 episodes - and I really don't care about Jamie Sommers.  I'm terribly intrigued by Sarah Corvus and not just because she's played by Katee Sackhoff, although that's a really big bonus.  However Michelle Ryan falls flat.  Her boyfriend is dead - barely enough emotion to register.  Sort of like a potted plant.  When her sister is in danger, out comes the potted plant.  Oy.  The frustrating part is that the synopsis I read months ago was really interesting.  Then they cut out a bunch of stuff, including real conflict when caring for your teenage sister (I know because I cared for mine), and all we're left with is a really interesting conflicted not completely all bad evil first Bionic Woman and a completely lobotomized goody goody attempt at the every woman in the second.  I wonder if you can order one of those from Wal-Mart.  

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