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All We'll Ever Be.

Title: All We'll Ever Be.
Rating/Warning: R; there be some sexy time; kinda angry sexy time at that.
Characters/Pairings: Kara/Lee
Word Count: All of two paragraphs. Okay, so three paragraphs.
Spoilers: Through S3
Feedback: Welcome as always
Disclaimer: If BSG were mine, I'd be the king of all Londinium and wear a shiny hat.
Author's Notes: So It's been a million years and a few days since I posted on here. I'm not sure I'll post semi-regularly again. I still have unfinished and half finished fics hiding on my hard drive and google docs and I was looking for something completely else when I found this. I'd forgotten I'd written it and I don't think it saw more than the 20 minutes worth of light it took me to write it before it sat in obscurity. So without further ado, and without betaing or barely a second glance because it just surprised me I guess that I wrote it, I present a rather short piece of Kara and Lee.

"Kara," he exhaled.  She was staring at his face so hard it began to distort, throbbing at her from behind his desk.  "I wanted to talk to you.  About.  About."  Chuckling softly, he rubbed his hands over his face.  The bulkhead, the papers on his desk, the ceiling, he managed to look everywhere but at her.  So that was it.  Everything inside her still felt raw and flayed.  She wasn't going to give him an inch.  "What sir?  Sorry, but I thought you had something you needed to discuss with me," biting out the word discuss as though it were a sin.  "Right," he said harshly.  Meeting her eyes he clenched his jaw and she watched in fascination as his muscles jumped.  "I've heard from some of the pilots that you're having trouble sleeping at night."  Frakking Hot Dog.  Obviously he didn't know when to keep his damn fool mouth shut.  "I'm sorry sir.  Sam and I were a bit loud the last time.  We'll keep it down from now on," she hissed.  Bullseye.  Lee's eyes widened in response as his mouth fell slack.  "Oh.  I thought . . . I thought you weren't seeing Sam like that anymore."  As though he was a teenager disappointed his intended date had turned him down; as though he actually cared when he had made it obvious he didn't.  "Well, sir.  We are -."  Holding her breath a moment for emphasis.  "Married.  Its what married people do isn't it."  Stillness settled over them clogging the air like smoke.

Even though she saw it in slow motion it all happened so fast.  Lee was around the desk in front of her, holding her arms in one fluid movement.  "Kara.  Kara.  Gods, Kara.  Please don't."  His voice cracked sounding very much like she felt.  "Please."  His lips hovered tremulously next to hers.  "Please."  It was a plea for salvation.  So easy to grant, but hell once given.  The blue of his eyes was so very different from Sam's.  Sam's were a clear, soft blue of loyalty and comfort.  A marked change from the piercing, hard loving blue of Lee's.  "You can't take it back now Lee, remember?"  Her voice was giving her away.  "You can't."  She was begging now.  A rebellious tear rolled down her cheek of its own volition.  Painfully slow, his lips met hers brushing so softly.  'No,' she thought but her body betrayed her and she kissed back.  Everything about them was hard -- the way he pushed her against the bulkhead, the certain bruising on her thigh as he grasped her thigh to his waist.  His other hand was under her shirt tugging her bra up until he found a nipple.  She gasped as he pinched it ever so lightly, then harder.  Somewhere in her head she could hear herself moaning.  Then her tanks were gone and he was working the button of her pants.  Her hips had a mind of her own bucking against him hard.  Gods she was aching for him, a very real pressure building between her legs.  The buttons from his jacket skittered across the floor and out of sight as she pried the clothing apart.  She sunk her teeth momentarily into the flesh where his neck met his shoulder.  The responding growl from him gave her a dirty satisfaction.  He released her long enough to drag her pants and underwear down her legs where she kicked them free.  Without warning, he dropped to his knees held her legs apart and pushed his tongue into her.  Her arms grasped futilely for something to hold onto, finally clinging to a beam in the bulkhead.  They collapsed to the floor and she knew her back would be sore tomorrow.  As he pressed into her she realized this time was nothing like New Caprica.

The control belonged solely to Lee.  But she gave as good as she got, leaving scratches on his shoulders and ass.  If nothing else, when this was all over, Dee would know she had been there.  She took in all of him through her skin, the sultry sliding of him against her, the indent of his chest against hers.  Calloused fingers smoothed over the soft skin where her hip joined, swept up the round of her ass, holding her for better leverage as he thrust up.  Their moans echoed off the bulkheads, almost capable of making the hull blush from standing witness.  As she felt her orgasm building, as Lee etched his meaningless words into her skin, and even as she hoped it would be different this time around she held the absolute knowledge deep inside her that they were very much over. They screamed out in unison, Kara exhaling her pain and guilt.  There was nothing more Lee needed from her now.  They lay still on the floor, gusts of breath the only disruption.  "I'll be fine," she whispered.  "Not now, but soon.  Its all right."