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made by Starpollo

Saying mother frakking good bye

Its the end.  Fin. To stop. No more. Turn out the lights and go home people.  Nothing more to see here.  I love this show.  I hate this show.  I can't decide whether to laugh or cry.  So instead I give you a suggestion from stardust_20 : quotes. There are supposed to be caps if I have any, but I still can't cap anything to save my life so there aren't any caps.  If you see this on an flist though, go out there and post your own!  Maybe with caps!  So say we all?

Every now and then, for how damn dark this show got, there was always a funny line here and there.  Something you weren't quite expecting.  I present, some BSG funnies. 

Starbuck: Starbuck to all vipers-- do not fire...repeat, do not fire! I'm a friendly, okay? We're all friendlies! So, let's just...be friendly!

Number Six
: Do you remember the first time you lied to a woman? Other than your mother, that is.
Baltar: Other than my mother? Sherry Bennett. Fourth grade, on the playground, behind the band room. "If you show me yours, I'll show you mine." She did. I did not.

Baltar: Which leads me to the inescapable conclusion that Cylons are, in the final analysis, little more than toasters... with great-looking legs.

Starbuck: Why can't we use the starboard launch tube?
Chief Tyrol: It's a gift shop now.
Starbuck: Frak me.
This last quote I find funny only because I'm imagining Monty Python.  What do we do with witches?!  Burn 'em!
Lampkin : It's obvious my client is guilty. He's a traitor. And a killer. He's no better than a Cylon and what do we do with them?
Voice from the audience : Throw them out the airlock!

PS - all frak ups with the funny font coloring are mine.

ETA: here is the rest of my post.  apparently I've been journaling for a while and still don't know how.  oy.



The friendlies thing was a LOL moment!
It was a lighter moment. Along with this post. thanks to your comment I just noticed that the post was cut off! Ahh!